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Tetra APS 400 Airpump

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The Tetra APS 400 Air pump is for use with all aquariums of 250 to 600 litres in volume. With the external flow control valve included, the APS 400 can be easily adjusted to provide the right air flow for all purposes like box filters, airstones, action ornaments and undergravel filters. Innovative design reduces noise while producing high flow. The external flow control valve is included.

Exeptional quality and reliability giving a 3 year guarantee.




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How to install your Tetra APS Air Pump:
Positioning your air pumpYour Tetra APS Air Pump should be positioned outside the aquarium on a dry, clean and even surface to reduce vibration and therefore the noise level.Your Tetra APS Air Pump should be positioned so that it is always above the water level in the tank. This is to prevent water from back-siphoning into the pump when switched off.If you wish to keep your air pump below the level of the water then it is recommended that a Tetra CV Check Valve is installed between pump and aquarium to prevent back-siphoning. Tetra CV Check Valves are sold separately.
NB. The pump must be positioned so that there is no possibility of it falling into the aquarium as electrical shock may occur.

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