Savic Junior Toilet Litter Tray
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Savic Junior Toilet Litter Tray

14.25 inc vat

This open cat litter box is ideal for kittens, older cats and cats with joint problems.

It has a low entry, making it easier for less mobile cats to get in and out.

This open box is also ideal for toilet training puppies, as a toilet for small, old dogs or dogs with limited mobility, and for small dogs that can’t go outside. If used for dogs, always use special dog litter.

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Length 56cm
Width: 39cm
Height: 13cm

Instructions for use:

Fill the box with cat or dog litter box filler until the line. You should remove lumps of litter and/or excrements every day with the litter scoop. The sturdy tray is made ofdurable material. To ensure the litter tray lasts even longer, you should clean it with a mild detergent, water and a soft cloth.

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