Biokat’s Victorycat Crystals Litter 7Kg/17L
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Biokat’s Victorycat Crystals Litter 7Kg/17L

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Victorycat natural litter is made up of particularly absorbent granules, which
absorb liquids in a few seconds, thus preventing bacteria from growing, thus
leaving the litter perfectly dry.

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How to use:

Keep away from places where you eat and from pregnant women. After
touching the used litter, please wash your hands thoroughly and wash the toilet
bowl regularly. Fill the clean cat tray with approximately 5-7 cm of Victorycat.
The first time it is recommended to mix the new litter with a small part of the
usual one. The cat will soon get used to the new one. Remove dirty litter and
dried droppings daily and replenish the missing part of litter. If you have more
than one cat, rather than filling the tray more than necessary, we recommend
changing it more frequently. To ensure the hygiene of the cat’s toilet, replace
the litter completely once a month or sooner if necessary. Place the cat’s
toilet in a dry environment,since the litter continuously absorbs the present
humidity. Dispose of in household waste (please observe municipal regulations).

Do not throw in the toilet


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